the bottom to the roof,

oyance. Even the moat had been injured in the previous round of attack. Tie Axe asked with a cold face. Wounded two hapless guys, one was hit with an arrow in the arm, and the other was shot in the back when retreating. Fortunately, there was no big problem. Brian frowned. It was too bad for the soldiers to shoot from the bottom to the roof, even if the opponent only had crossbow arrows and We can’t get any benefit from the short bow. Iron Axe knew that the other party was right, and no one expected that Earl Maple Leaf would actually build his house into a tower form, and it was built on the hillside, backed by a rocky cliff. The stream flowing down from the impossible mountains is led into a trench more than five meters wide, forming a small moat surrounding the mansion. Because it is running water, although it is covered with ice and snow, it is not completely frozen. There is only one entrance to the entire tower. If you want to attack the gate, you must step over the arch bridge, which is also the key part of the enemy’s mark. There was no shelter around the earl’s mansion. It was all flat snow. The shooting at high points made up for the short range of the crossbow. After two rounds of tentative attacks, the First Army only killed three or four people. Several people were injured on his side. It would be fine if the artillery battalion were here, Brian said bitterly, blasting a few shots at the gate, not believing that he would not surrender. It’s a pity that they can’t make it. It’s too far from the fortress and the snow is too deep. Iron Axe raised his head and glanced at the sky. Come here today and arrange for the soldiers to camp. The fief of the Maple Leaf Family is located to the northwest of the Changsong Fortress, next to the Impassable Mountain Range, which is also the edge of the West. It would take nearly a day to walk to this point, and the snow on the road was uncleared, making it impossible for a 12-pound field gun to move. According to the information they obtained, the Maple Leaf family co