ship. It has no mast

man gently rubbed the wooden wheel handle and began to sink his heart to review the operation process of the paddle steamer. The stone ship invented by His Royal Highness is completely different from the sailing ship. It has no mast and no cabin under the deck. It only has two rooms at the bow and the middle of the hull. The front is called the wheelhouse, which can be seen through two large The windows clearly see the route, and the boiler room is in the middle, where the ship’s power comes from. The rear and the rear of the cab are bare decks. During training, they often bring some miners along the Chishui River westward to dig some coal at the edge of the hidden forest. This thing is more durable than firewood. In Haifeng County It is also a relatively common heater. And now, windshields were pulled up all around the deck, and sheds were also erected above their heads, obviously for the soldiers on the boat. Although he has never been exposed to this new thing before, Kakusim quickly discovered in training that it is not difficult to make it move, and even easier than sailing. It saves a lot of manpower and time just without adjusting the canvas according to the wind direction and wind force. Any villager can burn the boiler prosperously, but it is impossible to master pole-climbing and sailing in less than half a year. As long as the chimney emits white gas, the ship will leave after closing the valve. At this moment, a dull siren sound came from the front, breaking the tranquility of the early morning in Border Town. This is the signal of departure. Boss, the water in the stove has boiled. Barracuda flees back into the cab. Pull the bell, tell Bigfoot and Grizzlies to close, speed, and move forward Kakusim solemnly said the command. Yes, moving forward, a barracuda pulled a long slender wire on the wall. Following this wire, the corresponding bell in the boiler room would tremble to convey the command from the captain. The hull shook abruptly, and the wooden wheels on both sides turned slowly. Kakusim held