o relieve him, and seeing this posture, he must have done something else along the way. Abu, don’t run around, who knows if there is any danger around. Lord Lord has a headache. He didn’t even bring the Earth Traveling Dragon, and dared to leave the large army. He could only say that the nature of the Skal was really not so bold. Boss, the fruits here are so big! Abu looked happy, I think we can eat fruit for a lifetime! Sweet? Gunther took it easily, took out a click from the cloth bag, bit it and pulled it halfway, and said vaguely while chewing: It’s not sweet, it’s not tasty at all. Richard took one. It looked a bit like a guava, but was much bigger. He watched with cold eyes for a long time, and then took a bite by himself after seeing that Gunther had no adverse reactions. Although the taste is not particularly sweet, it is very refreshing, and the juice is very rich, and it flows straight down from the mouth. You know that the forest seems to be full of water, but it is still not easy to solve the drinking problem. Even though the stream in front of him was so clear, Richard did not dare to let anyone fetch water for drinking. Because drinking raw water is very easy to cause dysentery, it may be fatal under the condition of lack of medical treatment and medicine. They do not have a pot now. Now everyone drinks ale bought in the system. With this kind of fruit, it can at least solve the drinking water problem for them. Boss, look at it! Abu suddenly pointed at Richard’s back and yelled. They were behind Richard. He turned his head and saw strong waves suddenly flashing on the silver vortex like a tulle. The soldiers of the forty or fifty fully armed Alpine Fort showed their figures out of thin air, all of them were wounded with swords and bows. The Skal Land Dragon brought a few heads, and they were clearly ready to fight a tough battle. Seeing a group of missing persons sitting on a barbecue by the river talking and laughing, and eating fruits, two emotions of surprise and confusion suddenly t