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nobles took a breath. Three to three thousand Roland had already learned from Peiro about the financial situation of the fortress over the years, and the annual income of the city hall was no more than this amount, let alone these little nobles, one hundred golden dragons. It is a huge sum of money for them. As managers of all walks of life here in the future, you will naturally get rich returns. He went on to say, returning to the matter of building a city, apart from administrative unity, geographically, the two towns will gradually move closer together. For example, I arrived at Changsong Fortress from Border Town, and it took only one day. When the construction of Wang Guo Avenue was completed, Lu The walking time will also be shortened to one day. If you are riding a horse or riding a bicycle, you can get there in half a day, not to mention faster transportation. Aurelian wondered what a bicycle is. A human riding tool that runs very fast on flat ground. The prince smiled. I dare say no in five years. Within three years, we can have breakfast in the fortress and then go to work in Border Town. Because of the use of a straight line throughout the Kingdom Avenue, the distance between the two places was shortened to 60 kilometers, and it took half an hour to replace it with a railroad car or a car. However, most nobles didn’t put their minds on this. The knight who claimed to be a neighbor to Tigu Pine asked cautiously, Your Highness, what you just said, do you want to let us manage the fort? Either or not, Roland shrugged. As I said before, the two places will be a whole in the administrative sense after the city is built. The fortress will be transformed into an area of ??the city under the jurisdiction of the Central City Hall. But for now, the journey of one day is still too far, so I will set up a lower-level city hall in Changge District, which will divide into many lower-level departments according to the current model of Border Town, and you will work in these departments. Responsible for handling spe