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r the sun, and it is difficult to achieve any effect by strong means alone. It has been said that if it is a big city with a million people, he may not be able to manage everything, but if there are only 100,000 people, it is not impossible to remove these bottom scum. In short, making people feel that it is too expensive to be a rat, and there are Many more suitable alternatives are enough.” “Is the price too high,” Lei En voluntarily ignores the saying that a million people are big cities. One hundred thousand people alone are already an incredible and magnificent city. “This is not something that can be done in a short time.” “Yes, fight mice, or fight against mice. Crime is definitely not an overnight thing,” Vader nodded, “The police is the organization set up by His Highness Roland for this matter. It is completely different from the patrol team. I have already told you about this.” They are indeed completely different. The salary of the city hall is not subordinate to a certain nobleman. They maintain the security and order of an area, rather than cooperating with criminals. “Moreover, most importantly, His Royal Highness also said something to me.” “What?” “In fact, I mentioned your doubts to him,” Vader smiled, “His Royal Highness was right. I said, if you can’t do it, won’t you do it?” Ren. Dmitry felt a sudden movement in his heart, as if something suddenly became clear. If he can’t do it, he won’t do it. If that’s the case, he won’t keep running on the road of knights. Although he has now taken the position of earl and seems to be getting farther and farther away from the life he likes, as long as he can continue to fight on the battlefield that protects the people, he will not be far from the path in his heart. On the contrary, it will only become wider and wider. “So I understand.” He took a deep breath. “I was also quite shocked at the time,” Vader said with emotion. “It’s just the last words that His Royal Highness said. I still don’t quite understand what it means.” “Anything else?” Rennes expect