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the streets and alleys of the fortress are always deserted, and even the ubiquitous rats are curled up, hiding in their own invisible areas, and they are saved in autumn. The food, waiting for new prey to appear after the warming. It should have been this way. Damn, why did I have to brave the wind and snow to listen to some policy preaching. Snaketooth spit on the ground bitterly. What those big masters want to do has nothing to do with us. Standing up the collar, he looked at the shivering short Joe, who was infected with the cold, and you were not saved. He shouldn’t have come out with us at all, Kui frowned, asking for a piece of news that it takes four people. This is Kanash targeting us. Save it, even if it is targeted, the strongest tiger claw disagrees, he can hold our food source. Having said that, he still walked two steps quickly, blocking in front of the three, and Snakeskin felt that the cold wind suddenly became much smaller. Thanks, Joe whispered. But when it comes to Kanash, everyone feels a little uncomfortable. Rats are also divided into ranks. From the top king to the bottom tail, they occupy different areas. Kanash is neither the king nor the tail. He is the manager of Wuwei Alley in the Western District of Outer City. To calculate it carefully, it should be regarded as the waist or belly. But no matter what the other party is, Snakes and others will respectfully call the boss when they see him. There are a total of six such managers in the Western District. As for the boss above, the king of the Western District, She Ya has never seen it. There are several rat groups under Kanash, and they are one of them. There is no doubt that the stronger the strength, the more favored by managers. It’s a pity that as the stray children in the alley, the number of them is small. Even when they fight, their arms and legs are thinner than each other. Of course, they are at a disadvantage. Of course, except for tiger claws, his body is not like at all. It can grow out of half a loaf of brown bread a day. As f