As Xia recalled, I could fee

second sister, and finally left only half of his tail for me. I cried all night holding the quilt and dreamed that the fish was back in the bowl. When I woke up, I found that the fish was really there, and there was another sister. Wendy asked in surprise. A second sister was sitting at the table eating fish, and the second sister was scared and paralyzed on the ground, but soon both the fish and the second sister disappeared. As Xia recalled, I could feel that the extra things should be related to me. But when I told them, my dad beat me so hard that I shouldn’t scare the second sister. I didn’t intentionally scare her, who knew that a dream would become real. It was not a dream, Wendy affirmed, but a call to awakening. When the magic power is gathered in the witch’s body, it is also called the awakening day. During this process, the witch can not only feel the vision of changes in the body, but also because most people cannot restrain the strange magic power, it can also cause spontaneous Ability to display. Therefore, in the past, the main reason for the loss of witches, apart from the extremely difficult adult day, the second is the unconscious display of magical magical effects in public on Awakening Day. Everyone knows what will happen. However, Awakening Day and Coming of Age Day happen to be the same day, which Wendy has never seen before. Of course, this is not impossible, because Coming of Age Day itself is a relatively special Awakening Day. Later, my second sister said that I was a witch and couldn’t stay at home anymore. My brother said that it had nothing to do with witches. There were so many witches in the small town. The family had a fight for this. When it came to the back, Axia’s voice grew. The lower, they finally decided to send me here. It seems that even a Southlander who has just arrived here has already begun to be affected by the town’s publicity. Fortunately, she will no longer be tied up and handed over to the church like many sisters. Unfortunately, the family still cannot fully a