it has nothing to do with Lord Lord. What really made him so gaffe was that the young swordsman’s expressionless face at the moment was packed with all the world’s literary tycoons, who could hardly describe what could be described by all their hard work-beauty! In the legend, the pure-blooded upper elf, regarded as a treasure by the Titans, has an amazing beauty that humans can’t match. It is enough to make the flowers wither because of shame, and the moon is closed because of jealousy. For thousands of years, it has been regarded as the unsurpassed peak of beauty. But at this moment, Richard felt that even if the upper elves were so beautiful, they would be like a foil girl in front of him. Richard couldn’t help but look, then, and three times before he could believe his eyes. Good day, my lord, and this young lady. Lord Lord didn’t have any evil thoughts—he hadn’t been so perverted that he could have evil thoughts on a little girl. He was simply shocked by the ultimate beauty on the spot. Appreciation of beauty is the instinct of all intelligent creatures, and he is no exception. Good day, Your Highness. Slightly bowed to greet Bedrick, the young lady gave Richard a vicious look, and strode away without turning her head. It’s a pity that the voice is a little bit Sha Richard, looking at the back gradually away, still thinking that everything in the world is really hard to be perfect. Such a perfect appearance, but a little drake voice, I have to say it is a huge regret. Richard, you are too reckless. Bedrick sighed helplessly, patted him on the shoulder, and blamed me for not reminding you that Master Higuain is a man and hates being recognized as a woman the most in his life. Higuain? Who is that again? The name is silly enough. Bedrick raised his chin at the back who was going away, and Richard immediately responded with a sneer. He felt that this guy was 100% nonsense, how could it be a man. But he couldn’t laugh anymore, because Bedrick and Suffolk were looking at him like a fool, and there